How To Dispose Of Batteries In Australia

What's in the article?

In Australia, every home has at least a few household batteries that are no longer working. Back in the day, many people used to dispose of their used batteries as a part of their general waste disposal. However, simply putting batteries in waste bin poses serious threats to our environment as well as other animals and humans who come in close contact with them.

Batteries should be recycled properly with a battery recycling service. So, how can you recycle batteries correctly?


The Reality of Battery Disposal

Old batteries such as from mobile phones that end up in landfill contains harsh chemicals and heavy metals. In landfill, waste problem from chemicals can pollute our environment via land and water, and bring harm to humans and animals who have contact with these substances.

Understand Why Household Batteries Can Be Harmful

A lot of battery waste contains toxic substances such as mercury, cadmium and lead. For rechargeable batteries as well as lithium ion batteries, they are hazardous and they can cause a fire inside recycling facility or trucks. It is important to keep in mind that this includes laptop batteries, mobile phone batteries, camera batteries and power tools.

Educate Yourself with Information about Recycling

Materials in batteries are non-renewable but they can be recycled an indefinite number of times. From lead acid to vehicles and household batteries, there are battery recycling services around Australia that can help protect the environment by recycling properly.

Battery waste contains toxic substances such as cadmium. In addition, there can be up to 2-3 liters of Sulphuric Acid in every car battery. Both single-use and rechargeable batteries contain harmful waste.

Understand the Importance of Safe Recycling Locations

Tonnes of batteries end up in recycling bins in Australia and around the world. With more coverage on news coverage about waste, businesses, organizations and consumers are now becoming more informed. It is important for businesses to form more recycling centers and actively try to reduce waste.

For instance, big retailers should at least provide a drop off point and information about recycling batteries in their facilities. This helps to encourage people to safely recycle and dispose of their batteries.

Choose Good Places to Recycle Batteries

Members of the battery industry have formed the Australian Battery Recycling Initiative to help people recycle their non-rechargeable batteries. This group works with businesses and outlets to have more drop-off locations.

Aside from ABRI, Aldi supermarkets also offer a free recycling services such as a recycling bin for batteries along with Battery World, Officeworks and their retail outlets. To help reduce battery waste, businesses can use waste removal services for their national battery recycling service.

Choose Rechargeable Batteries

Batteries are harming the environment because they are ending up in landfills. We can prevent this by opting for rechargeable batteries over non-rechargeable batteries. Not only having rechargeable batteries means less batteries in landfills, we can reduce the environmental impacts of disposable batteries being transported by businesses around the world on a daily basis.

Support Recycling Programs and Be A Part of the Change

Recycling is a form of habit. Therefore, habits can be formed over time with dedication. Everyone can learn the correct way to recycle and they can practice proper recycling for years to come. This can the best way for us to support recycling programs and foster long lasting changes.

Nowadays, choosing to recycle is easier than ever. We can choose from a phone menu to pick which items we want to recycle. Please use the above information to recycle more and recycle in the correct way, and together, we can protect our planet.