Garbage Collection in Cairns: How to Store Your Garbage and Different Collection Options

Garbage Bag In Cairns

What's in the article?

Cairns is a beautiful city located in Far North Queensland, Australia. With its lush rainforest and stunning beaches, it’s no wonder why people love to live here! As with any city, however, Cairns has its share of garbage and waste disposal problems. In this blog post, we will discuss the different options for garbage collection in Cairns, as well as how to store your garbage properly. Let’s get started!

Rubbish, waste, or garbage. Whatever you want to call it, we all produce some form of this substance every day. Whether that is food scraps from cooking dinner (or cairns seafood) or packaging materials from shopping sprees at local cairns markets like Rusty’s cairns market and Cairns Night Markets.

Ways To Dispose Of Garbage

We all need to clean up after ourselves, so why not do it in an environmentally friendly way? There are many different ways you can dispose of your rubbish and waste that will help the environment. Some examples include:

  • Recycling: This is one of the easiest and most common ways to reduce your environmental impact. Almost every type of material can be recycled, from plastics and paper to metal cans and glass bottles.
  • Composting: This involves breaking down biodegradable materials like food scraps or leaves into compost, which can then be used as a soil amendment or mulch.
  • Energy-saving: This is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint because it saves energy by using less electricity for things such as lighting up cairns CBD (Central Business District) in the evening hours or washing clothes at night instead of during daytime when there’s plenty of natural sunlight available throughout most cairns suburbs.

Where To Store Your Garbage

When it comes to storing garbage and waste, you want to make sure that everything is properly contained so as not to attract pests or pollute the environment.

  • Keep rubbish bags in a sealed container with a lid – If possible, store rubbish bags indoors until they are ready for collection. This will help to keep out pests and odours.
  • Keep waste in a designated area – If you have a compost bin or green waste bin, make sure to place cairns waste in there and not on the ground. This will prevent flies and other pests from being attracted to your garbage.

Different Garbage Collection Options in Cairns

There are a few different garbage collection options available in cairns.

  • Council kerbside collection: This is the most common type of garbage collection and involves having your rubbish collected from the street curb outside your house or apartment.
  • Commercial waste removal: If you run a business, you will likely need to hire a commercial waste removal company to take care of your garbage and waste disposal needs.
  • Self-collection: If you have a lot of rubbish or live in a rural area, you may choose to collect your garbage using a trailer or hired skip bin. This can be more expensive but is often the most convenient option.