An Introduction To The Garden Recycling Centre in Ballarat

Recycling in Ballarat

What's In The Article?

If you’re looking for a place to recycle your garden waste, the garden recycling centre in Ballarat is the perfect spot! Located at the corner of Howitt and Gillies Streets, this centre offers a range of services that will make recycling your garden waste easy. Here are some of the things you can expect from the Garden Recycling Centre in Ballarat:

  • Collection of green waste
  • Mulching and composting services
  • Recycling of metals, plastics and glass
  • Free advice on garden waste disposal

How Can You Recycle Your Garden Waste In Ballarat?

There are two ways you can recycle garden waste in Ballarat. The first is to take your garden waste to the Garden Recycling Centre, where it will be mulched and composted for free. Alternatively, if you don’t want to make a trip out of town then garden waste can be collected from your home for a small fee.

What Is The Garden Recycling Centre?

The Garden Recycling Centre is a facility that offers Ballarat residents the opportunity to recycle their garden waste. This includes things like leaves, branches and grass clippings. The garden recycling centre also provides mulching and composting services, as well as advice on how to best recycle your garden waste.

Where Is The Garden Recycling Centre In Ballarat?

The garden recycling centre is located at the corner of Howitt and Gillies Streets, Ballarat.

  • Address: Corner of Howitt and Gillies Sts, Ballarat VIC 3350
  • Phone Number: (03) 5320 5768
  • Opening Hours: Monday – Friday | 0700 – 1700 Saturday | 0800

What Materials Can You Recycle At The Garden Recycling Centre?

The Garden Recycling Centre accepts a range of materials for garden waste. These include:

  • Leaves, branches, grass clippings, and garden prunings
  • Trees, shrubs, and bushes (less than 60cm in diameter)
  • Tree stumps (less than 60cm in diameter)

Ideas Of Where To Store Your Waste While You Wait For Pick Up

While you wait for the Garden Recycling Centre to come collect your waste, it’s a good idea to store your waste in a garden shed, garage or skip bin. This will keep your garden clean and tidy.

What Happens To The Garden Waste That Has Been Collected?

When the garden waste has been collected by the Garden Recycling Centre, it is taken away to be mulched and composted for free. This reduces landfill waste in Ballarat and saves you money.

The Garden Recycling Centre Regulations

  • Garden waste must be placed in a garden bin or skip bin for collection.
  • Garden bins and skip bins are not provided by the Garden Recycling Centre and must be purchased from your local hardware store, garden centre or online retailer.
  • Any garden waste that is larger than 60cm in diameter will need to be cut into smaller pieces to fit inside garden bins or skip bins.
  • It’s important that garden waste is placed in garden bins and skip bins as this prevents it from blowing around during collection day, which can cause a safety hazard for road users.
  • Garden waste left on footpaths or roadsides will be collected by the Garden Recycling Centre, but it may be charged for at the same rate as garden waste left in garden bins or skip bins.
  • Garden waste placed inside a garden bin or skip bin must be covered with a tarpaulin to prevent littering and protect public safety during collection day.