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What's In The Article?

Geelong is an incredibly beautiful city with well maintained refuse removal and waste management systems in place. In the past these systems involved the disposal of rubbish in landfills but more environmentally conscious approaches have become the trend over the last two decades, with recycling becoming a more prominent way to get rid of waste. There are many private waste management companies that manage this recycling. One such business is the Geelong Recycling Center.

The Geelong recycling centre is also referred to as the Geelong Transfer Station and can be found in North Geelong, it’s the perfect place to get your recycling done. We’re all aware of the benefits of recycling and this transfer station makes the process easy enough for us all to contribute to a cleaner Geelong with flexible opening hours and a services aimed at pleasing customers.

The transfer station not only takes care of residential waste but extends it’s network of services to include industrial and commercial waste management too. The end goal is ultimately to reduce waste being dumped into a landfill.

The North Geelong transfer station business accepts a variety of materials at their facility and offers the cheapest prices possible. The Geelong transfer station initially started out in the scrap metal game before moving into skip bin providers and ultimately ending as a Geelong resource recovery centre.

Accepted Materials

Like most centers safety and the environment come first. In order to do this there has to be a few materials that are marked as acceptable recyclables and those that can’t be recycled responsibly without potentially harming the environment or Geelong residents themselves.

The facility is able to accept a range of materials, including:

  • Metal,

  • Furniture,

  • Green Waste,

  • Cardboard and,

  • lighting

There are some items they cannot dispose of such as:

  • Chemicals,

  • Paints and,

  • Asbestos.

Opening Hours

The North Geelong resource recovery centre has flexible opening hours:

  • Monday to Friday (8am – 4pm)

  • Saturday (12pm – 2 pm)


Making contact with the North Geelong resource recovery centre and transfer station is really simple, the business can be contacted via email, phone or at their offices in North Geelong, VIC.

They also have a website that is easy to navigate, we suggest giving them a call before making the trip, as like most niche specific businesses, they’ll have the best advice on what you can and cannot get recycled with them.