A Guide To Office Refurbishment


What's in the article?

Nowadays, office spaces have evolved to become a valuable asset to attract and retain talents. As a result, more and more companies – whether it’s located in Sydney, Melbourne or any parts of the world – have started to make investment in workplace refurbishments, making it a home-like experience that staff want to work in. 

An office refurbishment project can be daunting, especially if it is your first time undertaking such a task. With that in mind, we came up with a guide to office refurbishment to provide logical step-by-step instructions in every aspects of the project until completion.

Defining The Reasons For Your Office Renovation

Just like any other project, before embarking on any office refurbishments, it’s important to list out all the objectives your company wants this concept design to address, which can include:

  • Create a better first impression for visitors and clients with a new reception area. 
  • Make more space or better use of available floor space if your business is growing. 
  • Modernise workspace to go with the latest trend.
  • Change from a traditional space to an open office fitouts. 
  • Bring more natural light into the offices. 
  • Incorporate and build new technology such as switchable glass partitions into the office.
  • Reinforce brand identity and company values or recreate due to office relocation.
  • Enhancing the working environment to boost productivity. 

Key Elements To Your Office Refurbishments Project

No matter how big or small your office refurbishment is, you should follow these stages to make sure the refurbishment rolls out smoothly, on budget and schedule.

Step 1. Define your refurbishment budget

Identifying how much to spend on your office refurbishment project can give you an accurate picture of what you can reasonably achieve. Then, you can create an office refurbishments wish list with “must-have” and “nice-to-have” features, so that you can discard the less essential ones if necessary.

What affects your office refurbishment fund?

An office refurbishment is a major investment, so it is important to plan the fund carefully. Working with an office refurbishment partner can help you define some priorities based on what you want to build, the size and sophistication of the project.

For a business in Melbourne – Sydney, the investment depends on:

  • The type of building your office space locates in.
  • The current state of the offices’ mechanical and electrical services.
  • The quality of office furniture required. 

By refurbishing your office, you are vastly improving the space for your landlord. It’s worth speaking with yours to see if they can contribute to the fund or negotiate a lower lease.

Step 2. Put together an project team

If your business didn’t already have an Operations and Facilities Management department, you should form an internal team with project managers to oversee the new office fitouts. This team should talk to staff from all departments of your business to ensure that their needs are met and their expectations are managed when this office refurbishment/fitout is executed. They will also work with the external design company to make and implement a design plan.

Step 3. Work with an Office Refurbishment Company in Sydney

After you’ve done 3 previous steps, it’s time to select an office fitouts company to implement the project.

Benefits from working with an office refurbishment service:

Even though you can totally carry on the works of this project internally, you can benefit from a good office design agency in a lot of aspects, including:

  • Offer professional and creative service to solve your business needs. 
  • Update you about the latest office trends, tech and renovations.
  • Give you access to the best price refurbishments suppliers in Melbourne. 
  • Stay compliant with Australia Government health and safety regulations from the beginning to completion of your refurbishments.
What's to look for from a office refurbishment company?

It’s wise to do your research about your office refurbishments company of choice to make sure they can deliver the work expertly by cross checking their qualifications, experience, and previous projects. Ideally, you should choose a Melbourne-based reputed agency that has similar office refurbishment projects for their previous clients.

Step 4. Finalise the office refurbishment plan

After choosing the agency, make sure that your internal team meets with the designers regularly to make sure the project is going as planned and on a budget. It’s important that you make sure your vision is properly explained and executed.

When the refurbishment is taking place...

You should also consider whether your employees are going to be working while the refurbishment/fitout continues or should you consider postpone some ongoing projects and service. You can work out a weekend and evenings schedule to minimise disruption, although it means that the project will take place longer.

Step 5. Selecting Office Décor and Furniture

Even though you should be as creative you can in this step, it’s important to work closely with the agency design team to choose the perfect fitouts to create the perfect work spaces for everyone. Choosing the right fitout furniture is important as will be the most visible element of your new workplace. Some pieces, such as desk, chair or screens will truly affect the performance of your team. 

Trendy office fitouts theme in Melbourne:

An ideal design should be a combination of your employees’ needs and stimulating design elements while still incorporating your company values. Here are some office renovations for Melbourne businesses to consider:

  • Switchable glass doors provide an open fitout feel but still ensures privacy.
  • Treadmill and standing desks areas, to improve creativity and well-being of your employees.
  • Private booths for those who need their own space to concentrate, or clients calls.

There is a plethora of quality furniture brands and types, but the most important thing is to choose the right and suitable furniture for the purposes of each specific space.

As a business in Sydney...

There are various reasons why an organisation in Sydney considers to have an office fitout refurbishment. The office may not have renovations in some time and become dusty. The original office fit out plan may not work with the current growing speed of the business. Or simply, just to bring a new ambiance to the office space to unlock people’ potential.

At the end of the day...

It all comes down to the fundamentals of how happy your staff are after the refurbishment. Choosing the right design for your office refurbishment is an way to show your appreciation towards your employees. And it’s important to work with a good Melbourne-based office refurbishment company to do so.