The Best Companies For Skip Bin Hire Bendigo

Need To Hire A Skip Bin In Bendigo?

Here is our List of the 3 Best businesses for Skip Bin Hire Bendigo

Big Boy Bin Hire Bendigo

Big Boy Bin Hire Bendigo

Big Boy Bin Hire has been operating over the last two decades in Bendigo and the surrounding areas. They offer numerous choices in skips to meet residential and commercial needs.

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Skips On Wheels Bendigo

Skips On Wheels

Skips On Wheels is all about service when it come to skip bin hire. They focus on professionalism and provide bin services to both domestic and commercial sectors.

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Cleanaway Bendigo


Cleanaway is a stalwart in the solid waste management and waste disposal game, with 50 years of experience. If you’re looking at hiring a skip from a well know brand then this would be the company for you.

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Top 3 Skip Hire aims to provide our users with a compacted list of the best suggestions for skip bin hire in Bendigo. The city has a diverse range in economic activities from manufacturing to farming and agriculture, which produce waste. If there’s waste production in an area, then you’re sure to find skip bin hire services.

The competition in waste removal and disposal has led to there being quite a few businesses providing bin services. We narrow that list of options down for you into a small compact list of the best, making the selection process a lot easier.

The size of the skip bin that you require, would usually come down to what type of waste you’d be looking at disposing of and the size of the debris. Our list of bin providers cater to residential, commercial and industrial clients. This means that they have a large range of skip sizes at their disposal, usually from mini skips to bins that can easily handle large building debris.

The best way to find out what skip bin size you would need, is to call the business you’re interested in hiring a skip from and simple describe the type of waste you’re looking to dispose of, they’ll have the perfect suggestion for you.

This question has two suggestions from our side, depending on the preferences of the person asking it. Firstly, if you’re looking for prompt delivery and local accountability then going with a local skip bin service is probably the best option. These will be smaller businesses but you’ll most likely be dealing with familiar faces who focus on the service they deliver.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for larger brand name with a proven reputation on a national scale then a multi-city brand of skip bin hire is probably best for you. These larger companies will normally have a more divers range of services and skip bin sizes than some of the local providers.

In our opinion, unless its a very specific waste type that requires removal – then always go local.


Bendigo is in a unique position, being surrounded by cities like Melbourne, Ballarat and Geelong, means that service areas between the 3 cities often overlap.  This overlap means that process for skip bin hire have become very competitive, while every bin hire service will differ, almost all of the companies that offer skip bin hire in Bendigo will have to meet market prices in order to compete for market share. This is generally good for both the skip bin service provider and you the customer.

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