The Best Companies For Skip Bin Hire Cairns

Need To Hire A Skip Bin In Cairns?

Here is our List of the 3 Best Businesses For Skip Bin Hire Cairns

Tropical Skips Cairns

Tropical Skips

Tropical Skips is a skip hire business that prides itself on competitive pricing, with a transparent and clear pricing structure. Affordability is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to providing skip hire. They offer extremely speedy delivery to Cairns and surrounding areas. Tropical Skips has a compliment of experienced staff that are always available to answer any skip hire questions you may have. You can’t miss them with their bright yellow logo and pink trucks! If you’re looking for affordable skips, delivered quickly and by someone wearing their biggest smile then we highly recommend throwing Tropical Skips in the mix.

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Norhire makes the process of hiring a skip been extremely easy with it’s online booking system. They center their skip hiring processes around being simplistic for the customer and providing exceptional service. If you’re looking for a skip bin hire business that is known for reliability and service then Norhire is the business for you. We highly recommend using this environmentally minded skip hire business operating out of Cairns and would have it in the mix at the top of any skip hire list we would put forward, not just in Cairns.

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Top Skips Cairns

Top Skips

Just like its logo, Top Skips is simple and crisp. they are a locally owned skip bin hire business and bring to the table exactly what you’d be looking for in a smaller business. They mainly operate in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, providing flexibility and meeting clients requirements in the waste removal and  waste disposal market. They have a large range of skip bin sizes available to choose from, catering to almost all job requirements. The team at Top Skips makes for a very pleasant experience and we highly recommend giving them a try.

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Cairns has a strong economic history in the commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors. This diversity in waste type and need for waste removal has opened up opportunities for a number of businesses providing skip bin hire. Cairns has a comprehensive list of potential options available when looking to hire a skip, which on its own is a quite a job to comb through. Using our search criteria we narrow the large list down to just 3 of the best for you – not only saving you time but also condensing the list of, in our opinion, the best skip bin hire companies in Cairns. If you’re looking for a nice mix of reliable skip bin hire partners to work with in Cairns, then look no further than the suggestions we’ve put forward.

The short answer here is, yes it does. Skip bins come in many sizes, ranging from tiny skips or mini skips to much larger bins, measured in cubic meters. The size of the skip required would be directly linked to the amount of waste and size of the waste you’re looking to dispose of. For obvious reasons, some waste won’t fit into smaller bins and having waste not only filling but overflowing out of the bin, is not only bad for the environment but creates an absolute headache when trying to have the skip removed or cleaned out.


As we’ve already discussed above, the competition for skip bin services in Cairns is fairly high with no company owning a large portion of the market. This competitive market has led to competitive pricing models and most skip hire businesses will have similar pricing. These models will differ from business to business but are generally based on such factors as the type of waste being disposed of, the size of the skip required and the distance at which the skip has to be delivered.

Cairns, like most Australian cities, does have waste disposal regulations at a local level. In some instance this may increase the price of the bin hire process. The skip provider you go with will know these regulations but its always a good idea to make it clear with them what type of waste you’re looking to get rid of prior to ordering your skip or skips. Generally you can’t go wrong with using your skip for household waste, general commercial waste and basic industrial waste types.

There is no legal requirement for them to be but they do have to abide by local and national environmental laws. Most bin hire services have become extremely environmentally conscious, if not on their own accord, then to attract business from the ever growing environmentally conscious community in Cairns. Many will have their own recycling facilities or have a facility they can take recyclables to, to be recycled. we suggest giving your chosen skip bin hire provider a call and gauging for yourself the level of eco-friendly precautions they take.

For more on environmental regulations, visit your local Queensland EPA

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