Making A Skip Bin Pool


What's In The Article?

Are plunge pools an impossible dream or an affordable reality?

Have you ever dreamed of enjoying summer days in your own swimming pool, or spending a winter night looking at the stars from a hot plunge pool in your backyard? Swimming pools are often seen as a luxury for the wealthy, but thanks to one Australian Dad on the Sunshine Coast, backyard pools are now a dream everyone can aspire to.

Turn An Old Skip Into The Perfect Pool

Converted skip pools might be the perfect choice for you if you are dreaming of adding a beautiful plunge pool to your house. Skip plunge pools can provide a luxurious lifestyle without the high price tag associated with backyard pools. We want to share with you the story of one Dad and his team in Australia who made the first skip pools, and how you can make your very own plunge pool at a fraction of the cost of other fiberglass pools on the market.

Hans Windell And His Backyard Swimming Pool

The Queensland Dad Determined to Provide A Pool For His Kids

The skip pool innovator, Hans Windell is a Sunshine Coast accountant from South Africa living in Queensland, Australia. During a swelteringly hot Australian summer, Hans naturally desired a pool for himself and his family to cool off during the long, hot summer days. Of course, merely desiring a pool doesn’t make it a reality, and after searching the market, accountant Hans knew that it wasn’t feasible to have a regular swimming pool installed. Not wanting to let down his wife and daughters, dedicated Dad Hans Windell looked for another solution to his swimming pool problem.

Old Skips Provide The Right Price

Hans Windell found his inspiration in the trash, seeing an old skip bin, he didn’t just see an old rubbish container, he saw the potential answer to his pool problems. He saw that the 5,000-litre skip was big enough to be a plunge pool his whole family could use, shallow enough to be safe for his daughters and with a bit of elbow grease, DIY, fiberglass, and some basic pool equipment he could slash the cost of backyards pools, from an average cost of $35,000 to less than $9,000, significantly cheaper than most other home swimming pools. Hans embarked on a project that would make pools affordable for families across the globe.

Backyard DIY Project Leads To Skip Pools Australia


Hans successfully built his first skip bin pool and immediately saw the potential for a business idea. He started the company Skip Pools Australia, offering skip pool designs and installation. Starting with a few customers on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, then expanding to Sydney and around Australia, Hans now receives international recognition for being the pioneer of the skip pool. Windell now runs the company full time, with the Sunshine Coast Dad and his team in high demand after the success of this cost-cutting DIY project.

Lots Of Choice For Their Customers

Skip Pools Australia has set up a top-quality service in which they provide plunge pool installation along with all the extras you may need, an LED pool light is a great addition to brighten up your pool, a pool fence adds safety for your family, decking to provide a quality poolside area, consultation on landscaping and they provide their customers with their choice of colour for each component of their custom skip pool.

A Service That Makes Dreams A Reality

After selecting your package, Skip Pools Australia delivers your skip pool to your house within five weeks, depending on your location, installation should take no more than one day. This friendly and professional company can provide a beautiful swimming pool for your home at a price that makes a backyard pool a possibility for anyone who shares their dream. You can have the lifestyle you want at a fraction of the price.

How To Build A Skip Pool

Follow The Example Of Skip Pools Australia

Either working with professionals or building your own DIY swimming pool, it’s sure to be a costly and time-consuming process, with even little pools coming in at prices out of the range of the average family. However, with the innovation of the backyard skip bin pool, it is now a much more affordable, faster, and ecologically friendly process. If you live on The Sunshine Coast, you can of course hire Skip Pools Australia to provide your backyard dream pool, for those around the world, you can follow their great example and build your own backyard skip bin plunge pool.

A Skip Pool For You And Your Family

Are you thinking to build your own swimming pool? Do you want a plunge pool to escape the summer heat, or maybe a heated pool to enjoy in the winter? then a skip pool may be the answer. The process to build the pool itself is fairly simple. First, you must acquire a skip bin, they commonly come in two sizes, 5,000 liters and 7,000 liters. Once your skip bin is in your backyard, you can start your DIY pool project.

What To Consider When Making Your Designs

Take some time to consider the position and location of your backyard pool. Incorporate into your designs a step bench and pool fence. Consider the size of your poolside area, what are your family’s needs? Consider how it will compliment your house and make sure there are no obstacles on your property that may affect your designs. You may want to add some landscaping elements or a shaded roof, you can also consider powering your pool pump and lights with solar panels to really make your new pool an eco-friendly project. If you live in a col area you can also add a water heater to your system, and if you really want to live in luxury, why not consider some jacuzzi jets too?

Pool Specialist And The Experts At Skip Pools Australia

For a more ambitious project, you may want to consult a specialist, engineering drawings and professional designs will help you visualize and effectively plan your skip pool so that it adds value to your property and compliments your home. Skip Pools Australia Are experts in this field, and wherever you are in the world, they can design the perfect pool to suit your needs and offer advice and consultation on using local suppliers, sourcing skips, and using the correct pool equipment. Skip Pools Australia can share with you the experience of their team in building swimming pools, help you find the right prices, and can help you make the perfect plunge pool for your backyard whether you live in Australia or elsewhere.

How To Convert Skip Bins Into The Perfect Swimming Pools

You will want to start by sanding down any rust or imperfections of your skip, giving a smooth surface to start your work. Fiberglass is key to making your swimming pool last. A fiberglass pool will last a long time if built and maintained well. The fiberglass itself will help protect the metal of your skip and will provide a smooth surface on which to apply a polyester vinyl resin layer. Polyester vinyl resin is a cheap option for fiberglass pool construction, which is adequate for skip plunge pools by providing strength and inhibiting water penetration. You will finish your fiberglass pool with a polyester flow coat, which will provide more protection and a smooth and pleasing surface to the fiberglass and an aesthetically attractive interior to your backyard swimming pool.

The Equipment Required For Plunge Pools

Each pool requires a pool pump, water filter, and salt chlorinator. You can incorporate these into the design of your plunge pool, allow for ample access space and airflow for the equipment and consider the water source and power supply for your pool. The shape of skip bins provides some convenient spaces for you to incorporate this equipment in your skip pool design. There should be plenty of options from local suppliers for equipment designed for little pools. Make sure you find a pool pump, water filter, and salt chlorinator that are the right price and size for your budget and design.

Finishing Touches

Finally finish your swimming pool with decking, pool fence, landscaping, and any extras to suit your needs. With a choice of more than a dozen colours, you can make your plunge pool a beautiful addition to your back yard. You can find some great inspiration on the Skip Pools Australia website, with dozens of examples of beautiful pools built to different specifications.

Local Authority Regulations

Before you embark on your own your very own skip bin pool adventure, make sure to research and check with your local authority about regulations regarding home swimming pools. You may have to apply for planning permission and follow safety regulations to ensure that you have no problems when adding a pool to your property. Make sure there a no regulatory issues before spending any money.


With the growing popularity and influence of these convenient and cost-friendly swimming pools, you can find skip bin pools in backyards all over Australia and further around the world. Here are a few testimonials from customers of Skip Pools Australia and other proud owners of these genius swimming pools.

One buyer had this to say about the process of making their pool ‘Hans save me from a lot of hazards and bad suppliers to help make this project happen.’

Virginia and Howard from Burpengary East were overjoyed at being able to build their own pool, they said ‘It has actually been a lifelong dream of mine to have my own pool but it was always out of financial scope – but you have made my dream a reality.’


Providing a safe and beautiful swimming pool for your home can be one of the most rewarding and satisfying endeavors. Sitting in your very own backyard pool is a more achievable dream than ever before. Thanks to the innovation of Hans Windell and his team, you can now add a pool to your house for a lower price than ever before. If you think a skip bin pool is the perfect thing for you and your loved ones, you can message the team at Skip Pools Australia, look into your local regulations, find some recommendable local suppliers and hunt for a good deal on an old skip. There are so many ways you can customize and design your skip pool so that it perfectly complements your home, a skip bin pool could be the ideal solution for you.