What Is A Skip Bin?


What's in the article?

From household waste to construction waste, there are waste services available with effective cost and flexible schedule for you to choose from, depending on your waste removal needs. Many Australians are using skip bins as a way to dispose their rubbish due to its effectiveness and sustainability.

With more and more people supporting waste management solutions such as skip bins, the skip bin rental industry is growing significantly. If you are looking for a time-saving, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to get rid of anything, read on to learn more about skip bins and their uses. 

So exactly what is a skip bin?

An Overview of Skip Bins

Some waste tends to accumulate, from unwanted goods after a home renovation to tree stumps from garden clean ups, removing waste from your house can be a hassle. Skip bins are designed to help homeowners, businesses and construction sites to manage their waste in the most convenient and safest way.

Skip Bin Size and Shape

Typically, skip bins can have either a rectangular or a trapezoid shape. A skip, as people often call it in Newcastle (also known as “dumpster” in the United States), is an open-topped and large waste container. Skip bins can often be found on renovation and construction sites in the form of large metallic containers.

General Purposes

This waste removal solution is ideal for anyone who has a large amount of waste to dispose. From household to animal waste, big households, businesses, facilities to large corporations, everyone can use skip bin.


How Skip Bins Work

Once full, they can be collected by skip bin companies from home and replaced with empty skips as needed. Normally, you can set a time for skip collection, depending on your schedule. Filled skips will then be disposed in a systematic and environmentally-friendly manner at disposal points.

For businesses, skip bins are generally removed when they are full. For small projects and home renovations, skip bins can be picked up when they are no longer needed.

Types of Skip Bins

Before hiring a skip, it is important for you to know the different types of skip bins and what they should be used for. Generally, there are three common bin sizes including mini-sized, middle-sized and large-sized.


This is the smallest bin you can hire with sizes from 2-3 cubic meters. Depending on your purpose, a mini-sized skip can be used for household or garden cleaning. In residential areas such as in Newcastle, mini-sized skips are often collected weekly and people tend to put goods such as furniture and garden waste in them.


This skip size is larger with sizes from 4-6 cubic meters. A middle-sized skip can carry double the capacity of a mini-sized skip. Industry and commercial areas tend to have a much larger amount of waste compared to residential areas, therefore, middle-sized skips are more common for these facilities. Items such as computer waste, plastics and metal remains are typically found in middle-sized skips.


Large-sized skips (also known as “Industrial Grade”) can be from 10-30 cubic meters. Regardless of how much waste available, these skips can handle it all. Major projects such as commodity relocation and demolition often use industrial grade skips for large amount of waste.

Guide for Skip Bin Disposal

Things that Can Be in Bin

Depending on skip bin sizes, these are some waste materials that can go into skips: bricks, dry concrete, green waste, tree logs, furniture, plastics, metal, soil, electronics, clothes, rubble, appliances, small amount of glass, bagged sawdust among others.

Things that Can Be in Bin with Additional Costs

Waste materials such as rubber tires, carpets, mattresses, vinyl, rubber flooring, foam, new insulation, polystyrene and synthetic grass are classified as rubbish that needs additional costs to dispose.

Things that Cannot Be in Bin

Regardless of skip bin sizes, these goods are prohibited from skips: fiberglass roof sheeting, every type of chemicals, oil heaters, gas bottles, old insulation, fire extinguishers and fibro. In order to avoid fines, you should always dispose your waste carefully and understand the list of items that are prohibited from skip bins.

How to Choose A Skip Bin Company

If you are looking to hire a skip bin, you should spend time researching and choosing the right company by carefully considering your waste removal needs, selecting the right type of size and setting up a schedule that is most suitable best for you. Moreover, you should also consider whether or not your chosen bin rental company has an effective recycling program for the waste its collected and learn more about its delivery and pick up policy.

Reasons to Hire A Skip Bin Company

  • Start Disposing with Less Hassle

If you lead a busy life or are occupied with multiple tasks from your remodeling project, the last thing you will need is worrying about rubbish. Instead of sorting through your wheelie bin with large amount of bulky items, food scraps and wasted garden edging yourself, you can entrust a professional company. A professional handler can collect your bins, transport your unwanted goods to disposal points and sort them out for you.

  • Hiring A Skip is Less Costly

With hiring a skip, you can save both your precious time and various additional costs. For instance, if you handle waste yourself, you will need to pay for waste container, transportation, pay potential fines for disposing wrongfully and other potential costs along the way. Hiring a professional means you will have everything taken care of within one service.

  • Dispose Waste in A Greener Matter

We all want to be more eco-friendly in our daily lives, however, disposing and sorting through waste yourself can be difficult at times. Different materials should be recycled differently. Therefore, how can you make sure that you always dispose waste in a safe and correct manner? Choose to hire a skip bin company means you are supporting green waste practices.

These are the top things you should know about bin hire and what a skip bin is. One thing is for sure, hiring a skip bin comes with various benefits. The equivalent of hiring a bin excel the hassle and the accumulated cost of handling waste yourself. Whether you are interested in hiring a bin for personal or business purpose, there are skip bin sizes that are perfect for your removal needs.