What Size Skip Bin Do I Need?

What's in the article?

Home improvements are a great way to add value to your property, whether that be bathroom renovations or a kitchen renovation, the process will usually be hard work, time-consuming and generate a pile of rubbish, thus creating the need for a skip bin of an adequate size to be ordered.

If you are doing construction, gardening or renovation there will likely be a pile of construction debris or green waste, and the chances are you will be asking yourself ‘what size skip bin do I need to get rid of it all?’, as it is certainly too much to squeeze into your standard size wheelie bins.

Projects vary in size and don’t always require a huge size bin outside your property, fortunately, there are a number of skip bin sizes to suit your waste management needs. The smallest skip bins for a simple clean up, start at around 2 cubic metres in volume whereas the largest skip bin size on the market is a whopping 30 cubic metre skip bin.

One thing to remember when calling for a skip bin delivery, are the rules in your municipality regarding waste. Although you may be tempted to cram everything in or pile it around your green or black wheelie bins rather than hiring a skip bin, it may not be worth the headaches from people who may complain about a street-side or house front that resembles a dump. Poor waste management on either commercial or residential property may leave you open to a visit from the homeowner’s association or the environmental health department.

Plan Your Project And Waste Removal First

It is critical to plan waste removal before going ahead and hiring a skip, to ensure it is big enough to fit the materials being discarded. Depending on the project, the planning process can be quite short or take more consideration if it’s a building clearance requiring a team of removal workers.

What Size Skip Bin To Choose

The size of skip bins is measured in cubic metres with skips differing in size from relatively compact bins that can hold 2 metres cubed of rubbish to massive skips large enough to hold 30 metres cubed of waste.

The smaller models can hold approximately the equivalent of 8 wheelie bins and don’t use up much space. They are most suitable for green waste and old junk items that have been waiting to go in the skip for years. However, this size bin is inadequate for the job of holding bigger items like mattresses and the odd awkwardly shaped broken shower screen, and if you have more rubbish than expected packing a large amount of material into a small skip bin may be difficult.

Smaller Skip Bin Sizes

A step up in skip size is the 4 cubic metres bin, a mid-range bin size commonly used during a house move or when doing home improvements such as kitchen renovations. This bin is a good choice if your driveway lacks the space to fit a large bin as the width and length of the bin are a reasonably compact 1.5 metres and 2.5 metres respectively. Smaller skip bins are a popular choice for many people undertaking a small property improvement job involving the need to discard rubble, old materials, benchtops, floor coverings, wall tiles and unwanted household items. A skip is a much tidier solution than an ugly pile of waste in your yard or overflowing from your wheelie bins.

The 4-6 cubic metre skip bins also in this range feature a drop-down door for easier access.

Medium Size Skip Bins

The 8 cubic metre skip bin is the first in the larger range of bins available for hire. These larger skips are ideal for throwing away longer and more awkward items such as the old rusty curtain rail leftover from a bathroom renovation, the cracked and worn bench tops discarded after kitchen renovations or the broken exercise equipment you couldn’t throw away because it was too big for the wheelie bin.

9 cubic metre units are for when you are doing medium to large jobs such as clearing out heavy and cumbersome materials, as it can contain up to 10 tonnes of concrete, soil or household waste, which is the equivalent of 36 wheelie bins.

A Larger Skip Bin Is Needed For A Property Clearance

The 15 cubic metre skip bin model is for big jobs such as a house clean up or full clearance and can hold at least 60 wheelie bins worth of trash. One thing you should consider about large skips is how long you will rent them out for as a larger skip bin will often carry a heavier price tag. Additionally, you should note the effect of having a huge skip will have on your neighbours, as it may make access difficult or block it completely.

Skip bins can come in huge sizes, with construction sites often hosting skips that are around 30 cubic metres. That being said, the average size of skips that clients in Australia order are 6 metres cubed.

A Rundown Of Skip Bin Sizes

To provide you with some perspective on skip sizes, here are a list of the various skip sizes and how many wheelie bins full of rubbish they can hold:

  • 2 cubic metres: 8 wheelie bins
  • 6 cubic metres: 24 wheelie bins
  • 9 cubic metres: 36 wheelie bins
  • 15 cubic metres: 60 wheelie bins

Measure Your Waste

Before ordering a skip bin it is a good idea to gauge exactly the amount of waste destined for the bin. One way to get this job done is by using a tape measure to give you the length, width and height of the waste and using these dimensions to approximate the volume of waste in cubic metres.

In addition to measuring how much waste you have to clean up, you can also send a photo to the bin supply company whose job it is to ensure you get the correct size bin both in terms of the right dimensions to fit on your property and also to the right volume in cubic metres.

When weighing up exactly how much waste and whether it is more efficient to hire a skip, you may want to consider how many trailer loads of rubbish you would have to take to the local skip. If the answer is a lot, then it may be worth checking out the price of a skip and the rental rates per day.

Check What Skip Size Can Fit Your Land Area

Ordering the delivery of a skip before measuring the dimensions of your land and its access can have frustrating consequences such as the skip bin not fitting the area or damaging structures when being installed.

With the help of a tape measure, it is well worth measuring the area you want the skip bin to be and also the width and height of the access point for the delivery truck. Professional skip bin rental companies will assist you with ensuring you requested the correct size skip bin.

Ask a Skip Bin Hire Company

One option for getting rid of waste is to take it to the local skip yourself using a box trailer attached to a car or truck. However, if you don’t own a box trailer or if you have calculated that it would involve multiple journeys to the local waste disposal site, then you may want to consider the services of a skip leasing company.

A skip hire company often employs well-trained professionals who can guide you through the process of choosing the right skip, provide information on what types of waste can be put in the bins and also take care of delivery. Skip hire staff will help you place the skip so you can still access your property and work around it.

Other Considerations About Skip Size

There are a few other things to consider when deciding which size skip to get delivered, this includes your budget, the amount of trash needed to fill the skip, effects on building and road access, and any inconveniences which could be caused to neighbours.

Renovating your house or clearing an old house of clutter can be an exciting and refreshing time, on the other hand, it can create mountains of waste which is why it is important to know which size skip bin to hire to keep your house or work site safe and tidy.