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Finding Reliable Skip Bin Hire Services In Your Area

At Top 3 Skip Hire, we pride ourselves on helping keep Australia clean by finding the most reliable and eco-friendly skip bin rental businesses in every major Australian city. Using our selection criteria, to make sure we connect you with the right business to meet your skip bin needs.

Our long term goal is to ensure a cleaner Australia in years to come, being an Australian company we wish to keep our beautiful country waste free and provide valuable information to Australians looking to help out by listing the most reliable and environmentally friendly Australian skip rental businesses.

We work hard to keep Australia informed on topics such as waste management, recycling and business partners best suited to work with to keep Australia clean.

Finding The Best

Using our selection criteria we’re  able to provide information on the best place to hire skips in 15 of Australia’s major cities.  We take into account not only company locations but consider other factors like environmentally friendly procedure that a business follows.

We run through all skip bin rental businesses in each of the areas we cover as to provide our users with the top 3 skip hiring company’s in their location. This allows us to make sure you find right skip bins near you.

We're not only here to provide you with the best priced skip bins but also environmentally minded companies

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Our Selection Criteria


We take into account the market price of skip bin hire by comparing the cost across vendors throughout your area.


We use the previous experience of others to make sure our users receive only the most reliable suggestions.


We make sure that the suggestions we put forward are as passionate about cleaning up Australia as we are.